Massage therapy is inclusive of many different styles of massage.

Are you in pain and struggling to decide which massage would be the best fit for you? Then keep reading. This blog post will highlight each massage service we offer, the benefits and which would be suit you!

We have 3 massage therapists in clinic both male and female who have different specialities to ensure you have the best experience possible.

A massage is defined by as “the act of treating the body to stimulate circulation and relieve tension”. This act of relieving tension is known to have added benefits such as reduced trait anxiety and depression, reduced muscle soreness, reduced pain and an increase in recovery periods and sports performance.

Types of Massage:


Swedish massage is great for those who want a gentle, relaxing experience. if you’re sensitive to touch or a beginner to massages we recommend a Swedish massage.

Through multiple manual techniques, the massage therapist will be able to work away the tight knots in your muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated. These massages usually occur on your back.

Due to a reduction in your stress hormone Cortisol, Swedish massage has been proven to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage but uses more pressure. This is to relieve tension of your deepest muscle layer and connective tissues.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, soreness or stiffness we recommend the deep tissue massage to aid you in recovery. These massages usually occur on your back.

Sports Massage

Whilst sports massages aren’t just for athletes, the benefits include improved flexibility and an enhanced sports performance. This is because it aids in preventing sports injuries.

A mixture of deep tissue pressure and softer strokes are used in a sports massage session. It can also be located anywhere on the body and isn’t static to one location.

We recommend the sports massage to those with a repetitive muscle injury, from sports or daily activities.

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