Bladder Dysfunction

Don’t despair if a bladder problem prevents you from enjoying physical activities to the full.

Village physiotherapist Jane Jackson is a specialist in the area of urinary dysfunction.

Many women have some form of bladder weakness, but don’t seek help for this problem.

  • It may be that you have recently had a baby and you have developed incontinence issues.
  • Or you are experiencing leaking when you are coughing, sneezing or exercising.
  • Or are you visiting the toilet more frequently or struggling to get there in time?

To discuss any problems you are having please contact me for a private and confidential informal chat. I will contact you at a time convenient for you.

If you’ve recently had surgery for a prolapse physiotherapy can help strengthen the pelvic floor.

I feel strongly that women should not suffer in silence. I am an experienced physiotherapist with a special interest in urinary dysfunction in women. Physiotherapy can help in the treatment of bladder weakness, incontinence and prolapse. I know that many women are embarrassed to talk about symptoms they may be experiencing. I offer a private and confidential service and am sensitive to your feelings.

Find out more about urinary incontinence and its possible causes.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

An expert, discreet examination followed by advice and a programme structured to your needs will restore your confidence once more.

You may have been told to do your pelvic floor exercises but are you performing them correctly and effectively? Physiotherapy can assess the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and enable you to work them effectively.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has an information leaflet on looking after your pelvic floor throughout pregnancy.

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