Duncan Rodger consults with a new patientYour health is priceless but losing it can require an investment of your time and money in order to recover it.

How long it takes to get you better depends on the severity of the condition and also how long it has been affecting you. The average number of sessions we take to get you better is 6-7. With all physiotherapy treatment sessions lasting 40  minutes (as opposed to the usual 30 minutes) you will receive a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation session at each and every visit.

We take time to listen, to treat and to maximise the speed of your recovery. Why wait those extra weeks for an appointment with an often over-stretched NHS when you can receive quality ‘hands-on’ treatment and rehabilitation today?

We are registered with ALL the major Private Medical Insurance companies (see below) so your treatment could cost you nothing. Otherwise why not utilise your membership of the Leeds Hospital Fund (now Simply Health) to recover half your treatment costs? New joiners can receive 50% of their physiotherapy fees back immediately when you join over the ‘phone and pay by direct debit.

Treatment Fees



Sports Massage

£50 – 40 minute session
(£46 if you are a Village Gym member)
  £25 = 30 minutes
£35 = 45 minutes
£45 = 1 hour

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

£60 – 1 hour assessment
£48 – 40 minute treatment

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