Knee Pain

Runner with knee painThe knee has 3 separate joints within it, two of which are clinically important:

  • The tibial-femoral joint which is the main ‘hinge’ joint of the knee
  • The patella-femoral joint which is the articulation between the knee-cap and the femur below

Causes of Knee Pain

Tibial-Femoral joint:

  • Ligament injuries – ACL (anterior Cruciate Ligament) and MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) injuries are common in contact sports, skiing and even dancing!
  • Arthritis – degenerative change of the knee with increasing age or after trauma is commonplace
  • Cartilage injury – the ‘meniscal’ cartilage particularly on the inner (medial) side of the knee after a twisting or contact injury
  • Muscle strain – of the muscles which support the knee such as hamstrings, calves and quadriceps.

Female runner nursing a knee injuryPatella-Femoral joint:

  • Anterior Knee Pain – caused by malalignment of the knee-cap causing grating of its underside on the thigh bone (femur) below – this causes pain particularly in prolonged sitting and climbing stairs.
  • Patella tendonitis – inflammation of the tendon below the knee cap typically seen in runners, jumpers and endurance sports. A form of this problem seen in children is known as Osgood-Schlatter’s disease.


At your first appointment your physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your complaint ascertaining the exact mechanism and aggravating factors of your injury. Detailed examination follows – here at The Village Physios we take a whole body approach to diagnosis:

  • Specific detailed clinical tests to identify the problem
  • You may be asked to walk/run on a treadmill (if able) to assess gait and running style.
  • Examination of the biomechanics of your feet and lower limbs in standing and motion
  • Muscle length testing to highlight imbalances and overactive muscles

A diagnosis will then be discussed with you and a treatment plan outlined – treatment will then start immediately, during that first session.

We can help you

Contact us on 0113 2670576 or tell us about your problem by clicking here.

If we suspect a torn ligament or meniscal cartilage we can refer you directly to experienced and highly reputable knee surgeons.

If the biomechanics of your feet are a causative factor we can refer you directly to our Musculoskeletal Podiatrist (link to Podiatry page at TLC) for the provision of orthotic insoles.

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