Sarah Spearing

Sports Massage Therapist

sarah-s-2Sarah is an experienced therapist with diplomas in body massage, anatomy & physiology and sports massage. Sports massage helps recovery from strenuous activity, helps keep the body balanced and supple and as a consequence can be a great aid in the prevention and reoccurrence of sporting injuries. Sarah has a special interest in dance, but with her experience and knowledge can assist anyone who participates in sport.


After completing full-time dance and performing arts training, Sarah worked as a professional dancer for many years. She performing nationally and internationally with tour groups and theatre companies before going onto a career as a choreographer. Her shows have been performed all over the world including London, Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates. She still choreographs and teaches today and works with a variety of companies to provide shows to promote products and provide entertainment. Her shows have been part of events at the Sony European conference and the world trade centre in China.

Sarah’s work has won numerous honours from the dance industry, including Best Choreographer Award and Merit to the Dance profession.

Find out more about Sarah’s dance work here:

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